PHL Pride Collective sets new Philly Pride date

By Andrew Kolba

The PHL Pride Collective formed in June 2021, meeting the need for a new organization to support annual pride celebrations in Philly.

This need presented itself after Philly Pride Presents disbanded following transphobic comments from the organization regarding demonstrators in the 1969 Stonewall Riots.

The comments led to the cancellation of 2021’s Pride celebrations.

After forming, the PHL Pride Collective partnered with GALAEI. On a new website for the organization, “Points of Unity” are listed.

In light of Philly Pride Presents’ disbandment, the partnership is set for one year with an evaluation every six months.

GALAEI is a North Philadelphia-based nonprofit focused on social justice. The partnership has been working to fundraise for next year’s pride celebration in Philly.

One of the earliest moves from the PHL Pride Collective came this week as the organization announced a new model and date for Philly pride.

The PHL Pride Collective also launched a “Reimagining Philly Pride” initiative, a campaign meant to fund next June’s pride celebration.

Additionally, the event will now be a march instead of a parade. The change is meant to reflect the Stonewall Inn Riots.

The PHL Pride Collective’s announcement marks the first time Philly Pride’s date has been changed in 30 years.

Instead of taking place on the traditional second weekend of June, Philly Pride will take place the first weekend of June. The new date will be enacted this upcoming summer in 2022.

The new date removes the usual overlapping of Philly Pride with Washington D.C.’s Capital Pride and Philly’s Odunde celebrations.

Philly’s Odunde Festival is the longest-running, largest African American street festival in the United States.

Plans are also developing to host a parade in October — as a National Coming Out Day celebration — honoring and celebrating queer and trans people in Philadelphia.

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