P.O.P Program

Prioritizing Our People

“Prioritizing Our People (POP) focuses on debunking the myths around HIV/AIDS by uplifting the lived experiences of PLHIV, educating on historical context while uplifting and supporting the Queer Trans Brown, Black, Indigenous, and people of color community by cultivating events and groups to mobilize our communities around Wellness initiatives, Leadership Development and Queer/Sex Education.”

“The P.O.P program offers workshop courses for the community to learn more about their sexuality, physical health, and making empowering decisions that create positive change in their everyday lives. Through those lenses the POP Program recognizes the power of meeting people where they are (both geographically when possible and in regards to cultural understanding), creating sustainable, empowering and long lasting relationships with the people of Philadelphia. The POP Program within a collaborative effort provides food resources, housing referrals, and the cultivation of spaces for Queer Trans Brown, Black, Indigenous, and people of color’s expression and joy.”


Access to Oraquick: galaei’s P.O.P program offers free OraQuick in-house. OraQuick is a 20-minute at-home HIV test. OraQuick is accessible in English and Spanish.

Linkage to HIV and PrEP Care:  galaei’s P.O.P Program collaborates with local community-based organizations to bridge the gap between  HIV and PrEP care for QTBIPOC community members who are newly diagnosed with HIV as well as those who seek out PrEP/PEP navigation for community members who are non-reactive and interested in PrEP/PEP. Some of the local community-based organizations that the P.O.P program collaborates with are

Access to Covid

School Resources:

Pride 365 P.O.P Hosts

Bailar y Amor: This section is an ode to afro-latinx culture and dance. The roots of galaei are as an organization that was founded to bring resources to the latino/a/e/x community and all others who are under-resourced in the community. Celebrate the culture and roots of galaei and the vibrant queer latino/a/e/x community. Laugh, love, celebrate, build community and organize!

Sober Vibes:Writer’s Block located at 1342 Cypress St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 will have a menu of mocktails and drinks with no alcohol for the day. This is a space that centers around adults who do not drink alcohol, and is not specifically geared towards family and children, however they will be welcome in the space. Entertainment and staging will be available in this space.

P.O.P Wellness: In order to serve our community better we have coordinated with local cbo’s to offer a one stop pop up wellness and resource station with STI testing, linkage to testing, linkage to care and resources. Attendees will be able to stop by to set an appointment, get tested, and speak to a case worker about linkages to resources, such as housing, healthcare, education, and employment.