Join The Galaei Movement

Join The Galaei Movement

Galaei is Queer, Trans, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color radical social justice organization serving the Latine/a/o/x community while widening our embrace. Galaei provides services, support, and advocacy for all QTBIPOC communities. Galaei mobilizes for access, opportunity, sexual empowerment, and economic justice while overcoming systemic oppression, structural racism, discrimination, and white supremacy.

As the largest Queer and Trans operated organization north of Vine street in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on employing a syndemic approach and metric to serve the community. We do this with vibrant and engaging programming including Youth Programming (SPLAT), Prevention and Education Programming (POP), Trans services (TINGS) and programming for Pride and National Coming OUT Day (Philly Pride 365). All of these programs provide life saving linkages to resources and care.

We are proud to be a unifying force that mobilizes the marginalized QTBIPOC peoples in Philadelphia with our primary and centering force being love, care, and affirmation for QTBIPOC.

Galaei was founded under the revolutionary leadership of founder David Acosta. GALAEI (formerly the Gay and Lesbian AIDS Education Initiative) opened its doors in 1989. Galaei was founded to confront the pain, hurt, and fear resulting from the loss of LGBTQ+ Latine/a/o/x lives to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Join our movement to end the HIV epidemic with innovative programming and outreach!

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