T.I.N.G.S Program

Transgender, Intersex, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Confirming Services

Creating a first stop and Hub for services and linkage to care, opportunities for all Trans, Intersex, Nonbinary, and Gender non-conforming folks of Color of the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Advocacy and opportunities are provided to encourage access to trans competency care:

  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Therapy
  • Staffing Agencies
  • GED/college entry programs
  • Internship-to-paid position opportunities

Peer coaching encourages the development of real-life skills.

  • Life Skill Training
  • Resume Building
  • Mental Coping exercises including mindfulness, anxiety and grounding exercises, use of tools to ease anxiety, and self care.

TINGS offers group meetings that include but are not limited to:

  • Trans Masc Bi-Weekly Group
  • Trans Fem Bi-Weekly Group
  • Non-Binary Weekly Group
  • Work with SPLAT (youth programming) for inclusive and exclusive programming or TINGS youth


Contact info:  

Valentia Rosario-DeJesus valentina@galaei.org