T.I.N.G.S Program

Trans Intersex Non Binary And Gender nonconforming services




Creating a first stop and Hub for services and linkage to care, opportunities for all Trans, Intersex, Nonbinary, and Gender non-conforming folks of Color of the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Advocacy and opportunities are provided to encourage access to trans competent care. The TINGS program offers linkages to and referrals for Primary Care Physicians, Trans competent Therapists, Staffing Agencies, GED/college entry programs and Internship-to-paid position opportunities. The TINGS program also offers Peer coaching which encourages the development of real-life skills; Life Skill Training, Resume Building, Mental Coping exercises including mindfulness, anxiety and grounding exercises, use of tools to ease anxiety, and self-care.

TINGS offers group meetings that include but are not limited to: Trans Masc Bi-Weekly Group, Trans Fem Bi-Weekly Group, Non-Binary Weekly Group, Work with SPLAT (youth programming) for inclusive and exclusive programming or TINGS youth.


“It is imperative that we continue to highlight the lives of Black and Brown transgender, intersex, non-binary and gender nonconforming (TING) individuals. While we stand with the community to continue to raise awareness it is essential that we say the names of those taken from us. As a by QTIBIPOC for QTIBIPOC organization our staff remains prudent to the lives of TING individuals, specifically Black and Brown Trans Women. As we continue our work it will remain our priority at galaei to bring awareness to the injustices that disportionately affect TING individuals of color.”

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Valentia Rosario-DeJesus valentina@galaei.org

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