S.P.L.A.T Program

Student Power Leadership And Activism Together

Galaei’s SPLAT program works to support the empowerment and leadership development of queer youth of color through individual coaching, group support, and community engagement. Galaei provides a safe and affirming environment where youth are coached through various issues relating to sexual health, education, employment, conflict resolution, and trauma. Group activities allow queer youth to strengthen their social support system and facilitate dialogue about how they can make an impact on their community through organizing.


Programs & Activities offered by SPLAT:


One-on-One Coaching/ Mentorship Programs 

Through Our One on One counseling sessions, we use a trauma-informed model to make our clients feel safe and affirmed. Through the course of our sessions, we work on completing a self-empowerment plan in conjunction with the client. 

Youth Drop-In:

Tuesday – Friday 

3:00 pm-6:00 pm 

School Support: 

Homework Assistance 

Community Service Hours

Financial Aid Assistance (FAFSA)

Comprehensive Sexual Health Workshops:

HIV 101





Music Production Workshops: 

Logic Pro X workshops

Whisper Room Recording Booth

(All music workshops are sponsored by Beyond The Bars Music) 


Job Readiness:

Resume Building 

Interview Prep 

Application Support 


galaei hosted a free 2-week summer camp for QTBIPOC youth aged 8-12 in the city of Philadelphia in 2021. Historically, summer camps have been inaccessible to marginalized youth in urban populations due to white supremacy. As galaei, we want to provide access and opportunities to QTBIPOC youth that would not otherwise be offered to them. Camp galaei hosts a variety of activities for youth! These activities include rock climbing, swimming, field trips to local sites in the city of Philadelphia, and outdoor field days. All youth attending camp are given lunch, and snacks and will receive their very own Camp Galaei shirt! Camp galaei is a great way for young qtbipoc folks to build community and lasting friendships!

In the Summer of 2022, we will be offering our Summer Camp to 2 groups of youth. One ranging ages 8 to 12 and our second group will be for teens 13-18

 This year galaei will be expanding our programming and offering swim lessons starting on March 11, 2022, and ending on April 17, 2022. We will be offering two separate swimming lessons that allow different age groups to participate


Contact info:

Ebony Ali ebony@galaeiqtbipoc.org