Our Mission

If there is to be a definition of the word “galaei”, it should be casa. Galaei, for 30 years, has provided a home and familia to the city of Philadelphia and so many individuals who have stepped through our doors for respite, resources, and the kind of love, support, and compassion that queer, trans, brown, black, indigenous, and people of color give freely to all who are in need. Our mission of radical social justice is rooted in the radical love that we pursue each day for trans and queer people. Our mission of radical social justice started with the acknowledgment that what we seek in regard to justice is not necessarily radical, but that what is radical is anyone, any individual, any institution that denies our humanity and the needs and resources to support us.

Executive Director

A new logo, new programs, new staff and even new services; the next generation of Galaei is moving the community forward

Our History

Learn more about our founder, David Acosta, and our former ED, Gloria Casarez.