Trainings And Workshops

Trainings And Workshops

LGBTQ+ Training Scope of Services

We tailor our trainings’ and are flexible to the specific needs of the requesting agency. Through PowerPoint, lectures and activities, this training will assist participants in acquiring the knowledge and skills to understand, support, and build relationships within an increasingly diversifying population. 

Topics covered will include, but not limited to: individual and organizational strategies for sensitive and effective work, the existing political and cultural context of LGBQ+ topics, terms and information regarding sexual orientation/gender identity/Sexual Health/Harm Reduction/Race, and self-awareness of one’s values and their impact on the work.

Fee Scale
Our fee scale is as follows:

Schools/ Non Profits (Training)

1 Hour- $150.00

3 Hours- $375.00

4 Hours $500.00

7 Hours $800.00

Corporations/ Business (Training)

1 Hour- $300.00

3 Hours- $525.00

4 Hours $650.00

7 Hours $950.00

Disclaimer: We are willing to work with your budget and need please contact TINGS Program Manager Hazel Edwards (She/They) [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or concerns