T.I.N.G.S Program Manager

Valentina Dejesus-Rosario

Valentina has been an activist and advocates for the QTBIPOC community since she was 14 years old as a member of Galaei’s youth programs. Valentina strives to help youth transition into their authentic selves, and help them feel comfortable in their bodies, at their schools, and workforce. Valentina is now the TINGS Program Manager at Galaei, forging the path for the next generation of Trans leaders. Valentina, a former sex worker, is a vocal
activist in the fight for the decriminalization of sex work and how it impacts trans folx in Eastern Pennsylvania. Valentina provides competency trainings for both the cis and Trans community, including proper pronoun usage, terminology, and micro-aggressions against Trans people. Valentina is a proud Afro-Latinx Trans woman who has dedicated her life to uplifting the voices of those most marginalized in our QTBIPOC communities. Valentina is a proud native to Philadelphia. Raised in the “Bad Lands”, Valentina focuses on the social injustices in her community at large. —