Deputy Director

Tyrell Brown

Tyrell is an organizer, activist, and community leader with deep roots in the Philadelphia QTBIPOC community, spending all of his life in Philadelphia and the tri-county area.

Tyrell has developed a deep understanding of the complex hurdles that our community encounters, specifically in Philadelphia. Tyrell has worked in many capacities in our city, working as a preschool teacher has allowed him to see the issues in our city from their very foundation. He cut his teeth as the lead organizer for “Philly for Bernie”, working on adjacent local campaigns, and through mutual aid and community organizing with Reclaim Philadelphia. Additionally, Tyrell is children’s programming coordinator, having directed the Wynnefield Residents Associations camp programming and also being a co-developer of children’s programming at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (2017-2020).

Tyrell is a proud cat-daddy to “Bernie”, enjoys sports, writing poetry, music, and meeting new people.

He is committed to achieving reparations, ending white supremacy, systemic abuse, and imperialism of all kinds. standing for true equality and building a city and world that is equitable, full of opportunity, and abundance.