Pride 365

PRIDE 365: A Program Of Galaei

Every PRIDE festival is a crucial opportunity for our communities to join together in celebration, find family, get resources and share the love, art, and joy that are hallmarks of our community. Pride 365 is a program that seeks to elevate the experience of every Pride every year. By combining the unique and vibrant location of our gayborhood, the stronghold of our queer businesses, supporting small queer and trans business owners, providing innovative programming, dynamic structure, and intention around how the space is curated, we endeavor to have a space for everyone.


June 4th 12pm – 7pm

In partnership with our local bars and businesses we create music and performance spaces. This will benefit both community and businesses as it will spread attendees out throughout the gayborhood, instead of in one concentrated area. This also mitigates accessibility issues, and drives the focus to resources and the lgbtq businesses that are part of the core of the vibrancy and security of our community.

Dj’s, Performers and Vendors will maintain the flow of traffic and keep our attendees engaged in the core if not the most principal tenet of pride…… joy.


Get Involved

PRIDE “Love Light and Liberation” March

The Pride Walk will begin at 10:30 AM at 6th and Walnut lining down 6th Street to S Washington Square. The march is open invitation with no registration needed. While floats, banners of corporations, large institutions, and vehicles will not be permitted, everyone is welcome to join and walk with us in celebration of our authentic selves.

Prior to the march, there will be a short time for speeches, music, and joy. Please join the Pride March through Philadelphia, whether with a group or organization with friends and family, or solo. This is a permitted march.


As one of the most forgotten parts of our community our festival places intention around how we care for and make space for queer youth and families.

In conjunction with the William Way Center, Philly Family Pride, Big Brothers, Big Sister independence, and the galaei’s SPLAT program, we will have activities and opportunities for youth, from toddlers to high school.

Chest feeding and changing stations will be provided.


This bar will have a menu of mocktails and drinks with no alcohol for the day. This is a space that centers around adults who do not drink alcohol, and is not specifically geared towards family and children, however they will be welcome in the space. Entertainment and staging will be available in this space.


Pride Festivals can often be exhausting and difficult to navigate and manage for our community elders and those living with disabilities both visible and nonvisible. So we’ve dedicated a space in our festival with seating, water stations, shade coverings for when you just need a break.

Co-Coordinated with Disability Pride PA, Nestled within close proximity to our main resource tent and a secondary resource tent there are medical providers and volunteers to ensure people in this space have what they need and are in a space of care.

  • Street level low volume relaxing acoustic music will be provided in this space.
  • Adult changing stations will be provided
  • Wheelchair charging dock will be provided
  • Cooling stations, free water and snacks.


In collaboration with “TheFoodTruckLady” we will keep our attendees fed and ultimately ensure attendees do not need to leave the festival grounds, as everything you need is right here!

Attendees will enjoy the many tastes of the city and keep attendees nourished, with a wide variety of  well priced food options.


In an ode to our dearly departed sibling Maso, we have co-produced and curated a space for resource. There will resource tabling, and shops to purchase items and giveaways of safe sex items.


This section is an ode to afro-latinx culture and dance. The roots of galaei are as an organization that was founded to bring resources to the latino/a/e/x community and all others who are under-resourced in the community. Celebrate the culture and roots of galaei and the vibrant queer latino/a/e/x community. Laugh, love, celebrate, build community and organize!


In order to serve our community better we have coordinated with local cbo’s to offer a one stop pop up wellness and resource station with STI testing, linkage to testing, linkage to care and resources. Attendees will be able to stop by to set an appointment, get tested, and speak to a case worker about linkages to resources, such as housing, healthcare, education, and employment.


A stage dedicated to our local producers and promoters who do not have brick and mortar establishments – curated by SWAY Philly and BOS


A stage dedicated to the pioneers of our community with the music that was at the heart of the queer revolution.



While we will not be highlighting corporate businesses, there are selected vetted businesses that we accept sponsorship from. We’ve designated a space for them to table but not to hold too much space in a festival meant to center our community. They will not be able to advertise in any other part of the festival grounds and will not be visible in our march.


These areas include medical tents for onsite medical needs such as dehydration, and minor injuries, These medical services are provided by doctors and nurses from Bebashi and Mazzoni Center. Therapists for folks who are in mental health crisis or may be over stimulated, individuals trained to administer narcan, security managers, staff to answer all day of questions, Sign language and Spanish interpreters, and de-escalation specialists that will move to any point in the festival grounds or at the bars that they are needed


We are also bringing back Kiki Alley, a celebration space highlighting the rich culture and history of the Philadelphia ballroom community. In addition, the Philadelphia Muses Stage returns and will feature a diverse lineup of local performers and producers curated by Sway Philly and Boys of Summer.


O.U.R.Fest (Our Uniting Resilience Festival) is the official National Coming Out Day Festival. Details coming soon