Olga Ramos

Olga has worked in the Latino Community for 20 years empowering mainly youth to obtain their GED, seek employment opportunities, and post-secondary education options. In recent years, she has volunteered to spread the word of ensuring the community is aware of the changes that the School District of Philadelphia has an effect on the youth of society. In 2014, Olga obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Management from University of Phoenix while working as the Assistant Director.
Currently, Olga is the Care Coordinator for the Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) with P.A.T.H. Inc. located at 8220 Castor Avenue. As a Care Coordinator, Olga helps individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by being an effective team leader and member. Responsible for providing supports to families as an adjunct to the clinical treatment of youth receiving IBHS services in assigned clusters. Responsible for engaging youth and families, assessing social determinants, identifying needs and linking services as indicated and ensuring that all systems are collaborating to promote positive and sustained outcomes. Services will be provided in the school, home and community.
In the past, Olga was the Director at the E 3 Center West located at 4111 Lancaster Avenue. Olga was a mentor to many youth and adults on continuing to strive to become the best he or she can in their community. Olga has also worked with the phenomenal artist Pepon Osorio, an Installation Artist at Temple Contemporary to educate the community on the negative impact the School District of Philadelphia has affected the children of particularly Fairhill Elementary School. Olga volunteered for many years with the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival and helped to ensure the event was a success as a community organizer. Olga also worked closely with the team to bring excitement, fun, and organize the volunteers to make this event another success in the books!