Scenes: 2023 Philly Gay Pride

Happy Pride Philadelphia! 🏳️‍🌈 What an amazing day in our city to be part of the LGBTQ community. We did a thing and broke the record for biggest pride flag in Pennsylvania and biggest celebration ever. Congrats to everyone who is out and celebrating who they are today and huge thanks to @galaeiphilly @phillypride365 and all the volunteers/participants of todays march and festival. And don’t forget hundreds of pride month events run through June 30th. See you out there fam! 📸@codyphotographyaldrich @aversapr #pride #gaypride #pridemonth #pridefest #philly #philadelphia #phillyproud

Sunday’s Pride was the best one I’ve attended in the 30 years I’ve been attended. I love that it is celebrated in the Gayborhood, where it used to be decades ago, but never at this level of comfort, and openness.

We have made huge strides since then, despite the backlash recently against our community, especially as the “Don’t Say Gay” messaging takes hold, from a few, but very vocal, hateful group of people which in turn have place significant people in places of decision makes for the minority. Thankfully the a Judge in Tennesee has ruled the Drag ban “law” unconstitutional. I’m sure it will make it’s way up to the Supreme Court, and the judges will be reasonable and know that drag has been around since Shakespeare, and is entertainment. I digress, yesterday was beautiful.

It was a great day to hang with friends like Russ Torres, and meet new friends ….

Moi, Howard Monroe, (Happy Birthday), Kevin and Michael

Miguel and Ray

Stefi & Nicole – Congratulations on your recent Marriage. I asked them if it felt different to get married, after all the years they’ve been together. And it does. I felt the same way when I married Mike even though we were together for 20 years. Definitely a stronger connected, and security. BTW Mike was at the parade earlier, I was at the Stonewall Awards Luncheon, which I will write about tomorrow. He then went to the Art Museum with friends as my lunch ran long…. boo. But it was amazing!!

Steven, Joan, Stefi, Nicole, Matt and Jermaine who have been friends since high school back, and once roommates. You know that had to be fun!!

I didn’t take as many photos as I had in the past, but I wanted to share this day with you as it was significant. We are strong, we are visible and we’re not going away. Thank you to all the allies who have supported us over the years, and continue to support us. It’s sad to me we made so much progress, especially in the past 10 years, which is probably what rocked (some of the) right to their hateful core, they didn’t see us. (I know not all of my GOP friends support this rhetoric, but)

It’s a frightening road they’re on, but we’re not going back in the closet. Fight on especially you young ins. You are standing on the shoulders of many people who went before you, it’s important you continue to fight for your authentic self, our community and the future.

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