Record-breaking Pride flag to debut at Philly Pride March and Festival

By Jessica Yakubovsky

Philadelphia’s Pride March and Festival is back and better than ever.

This Sunday, June 4, Galaei invites the entire LGBTQ+ community and allies to celebrate “Love, Light and Liberation” at the 2023 Philadelphia Pride March and Festival. The march will begin at 6th and Walnut Streets at 10:30 a,m, followed by the unveiling of a record-breaking 200 feet long Pride Flag, speeches, music, and so much more. The march will then go all the way up to the Gayborhood where the festival will take place from 12- 7 p.m. The festival will feature over 200 small businesses, performers, entertainers, artists, vendors, local bars, food trucks, community organizations, stages and more.

The march and festival are free to attend, and all food and drinks are pay-as-you-go. Philadelphia Pride March and Festival are a proud part of Philly Gay Pride Month.

“Pride is more than a party, and it always has been,” said Galaei Executive Director and Community Organizer Tyrell Brown. “At its core, pride celebrates our community’s activist roots in challenging the status quo and celebrating ourselves authentically and freely. Pride is also a resource festival, a space to build community and a way to support one another. Through Pride 365 and the Philadelphia Pride March and Festival, Galaei looks to help bring ‘Love, Light and Liberation’ to all the colors of the Greater Philadelphia community.”

Tyrell Brown joined us in the PHL17 Studio to talk about Pride month and tell us all about Philly Pride March and Festival.

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