Massive crowds of people gather for Philadelphia Pride March and Festival in Center City

By Katie Katro

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Crowds of people showed up for the Philadelphia Pride March and Festival in Center City on Sunday.

“The vibe has been festive, and that’s what we need in pride,” said Will Boswinkel of Havertown, Pennsylvania.

“It’s just nice to see everyone being themselves, and being free, and being happy in the moment,” added Brianna Brown of Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Many spoke about the importance of the day.

“I think pride is important because it lets us be us, who we are, we get to come out. You get to see other people that look like you and remind you of who you are, so I feel like that’s really big,” said Martha Rivera of Millville, New Jersey.

A lot of people mentioned the happiness they felt from the community’s support.

“This is my first time at pride. I came out like two years ago now, and this is my first time and coming here, I wanted to come for my first pride with a purpose,” said Johnny Perez-Gonzalez of Newark, Delaware.

“Celebrating pride, I came out over 20, say 25 years ago. So I am out and I’m proud, so I celebrate every year,” said Rivera.

A mother marching alongside her daughter explained why the day had meaning to her.

“I love people, so they’re no different than anybody else. I mean I raised a beautiful daughter here, so come on, how do you not love somebody who’s part of you? So I’m here to support everyone that feels like they can’t come out, and so I’m an ally,” said Rosie Brown of Blackwood, New Jersey.

Folks made their way from 6th and Walnut streets to 13th and Locust streets, where over 200 vendors were lining the streets in the area for the Pride Festival.

“Out here, supporting everybody having fun with friends, just feeling pride and showing out, it’s Pride Month! Let’s have some fun,” said Boswinkel.

Pride festivities are set to continue all month long in Philadelphia.

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