Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is pride?

A:Every PRIDE festival is a crucial opportunity for our communities to join together in celebration, find family, get resources and share the love, art, and joy that are hallmarks of our community. Pride 365 is a program that seeks to elevate the experience of every Pride every year. By combining the unique and vibrant location of our gayborhood, the stronghold of our queer businesses, supporting small queer and trans business owners, providing innovative programming, dynamic structure, and intention around how the space is curated, we endeavor to have a space for everyone.

Q:How old do I have to be to enter?

A:Pride is available to all ages on the festival grounds however for Bars and other establishments their policies will remain in full effect which means 21+ for all bars and ID’s will be scanned

Q:Do I need to pay for entry? Where do I purchase tickets?

A: Pride 365 is 100% complimentary. THAT’S RIGHT FREE! You are able to utilize those funds to tip and donate to perfomers, vendors, organizations, businesses and more of your choosing.

Q: Where is the Lost & Found section?

A:The Lost & Found section is at the main tent located at 12th and Locust.

Q: Where should I go to report a missing child/person(s)?

A:Report any missing person at the main tent at 12th and Locust.

Q:How/where can I access a map for pride?

A: The map will be accessible via QR Codes displayed through the festival grounds as well as our website.

Q:Are there age appropriate stations/sections?

A:The Youth and Family section is on spruce up to locust and up to 13th.

Q: Will there be medical assistance during the event?

A: There are 3. At the corner of Juniper & Spruce. Corner of Juniper & Spruce. Corner of 12th and Spruce in front of Tabu.