Theatre Studies

Broadway shows and just theatre shows in general are NOT accessible to the large public. They place these shows in very gentrified areas with an ungodly cost to see them at a location that is too far for the low income community members. This artform NEEDS to be accessible to the masses. is a wonderful streaming service that records VERY IMPORTANT theatre shows talking about race, gender and sexuality, living life as a positive individual and more. We will watch one broadway show a week and discuss it. We will also be reading plays and reading certain passages containing all walks of life with the hope to put on a cabaret of some sort. This will allow people to express their interest in theatre and acting while exposing them to the world of theatre and live performing arts. This will be geared towards 18 and up as many shows deal with very mature topics. (16+ with parent permission.)

March 15, 2024
118 Fontain Street Philadelphia PA 19122