Code Grindr

“Code Grindr” is a discussion group weekly on Wednesdays. The purpose of this group will be to discuss the negative effects hook-up apps have on the community such as:


  • The stigmatizing language that PLHIV experiences on the apps. 
  • The harmful and violent language people on the apps use towards poz individuals. 
  • The racism/colorism we experience on these apps.
  • The outdated language that is used surrounding everyone who falls under the trans umbrella.
  • How “DL” individuals affect the mental state of queer people and how we shape ourselves to appeal to this toxic masculinity they portray.
  • The importance of understanding what grooming is and how that has affected the LGBTQIA+ community.  
  • How to spot grooming techniques and what we can do to SHUT IT DOWN.
  • Safety precautions when going to “link” with someone you have never met before from the app.
  • How IMPORTANT boundaries are
  • The role 


These discussions empower marginalized communities to find solutions to bring awareness and make it a safer environment for those around us and ourselves. 

This group will be geared towards 18+ groups. This will enforce us to maintain control and mature conversations. 

March 27, 2024
118 Fontain Street Philadelphia PA 19122