S.P.L.A.T Manager

Ebony Ali

Ebony Ali (aka Icon Ebony-Fierce) is a Philadelphia based performance artist that has one mission: to change people’s perception of artistic expression one subculture at a time. Ebony has a background in theatre, dance, and spoken word performance. Ebony have been community organizing, curating events all throughout Philadelphia since 2012. Ebony also specializes in burlesque, performance art, and drag. Their content includes body positivity, political/social issues, gender equality, etc. They are also a co curator for festivals like Phreak N Queer, Hot Bits Film Festival, Snatcherella 3000 and more things always centering QTPOC people with an alternative point of view. Ebony is currently a board member of the William Way Community Center.
She also facilitates a variety of groups that is tailored for youth ages 14 to 24  and providing access to the resources available through Galaei’s different programs POP, SPLAT and TINGS who offers different services in order to pursue our mission of serving the QTBIPOC Community.
Breathe Again:Breathe again is a healing support for people seeking holistic ways to manage mental health. Mainly for LGBTQIA community members to come together to talk about trauma, living with HIV, newly coming out and finding ways to include self care in their daily lives. Activities include open discussions, candle making, aromatherapy, yoga days, music, incense making, and more.
Ebony’s 1:1 Make Up Services:A weekly group where we share tips, tricks, and secrets of makeup! Come with your makeup, paint yourself or have Ebony do makeup on you. Extra Materials, light and soft refreshments will be served. Other services will be available and provided upon request before or after the class. covid tests and ppe will be provided as well. We also provide resources for people that need linkage to care for people living with HIV, in need of therapy or trans affirming care. This is a great way for people to treat themselves and showcase their individuality.
Future Feature:Future Feature is a group dedicated to newer entertainers developing their performance persona, honing in their skills as a performer and also strengthening their marketing and networking skills. This group explores getting in tune with their aesthetic, performance style, stage presence and also their social media presence. We are living in a generation where people look into everything as an opportunity to expand as a career and a chance to grow, so this is a great resource for people living with HIV to performers get into drag or any other form of entertainment so that our stories can be heard and shared so that we can end the stigma.
Produce It:Produce IT! – A comprehensive guide on how to produce a drag, burlesque or performance art show. Also includes a guide for an art event, or a general party that incorporates a performer. This event is for people that were interested in event production because they did not see the kinds of events that represent them. Was great for existing performers and people that had intermediate knowledge of the queer scene. This group helps people with learning entrepreneurship skills, marketing and advertising that’ll benefit clients on a grassroots level.
Queering The Media:Come watch classic queer films, documentaries, TV shows, movies, listen to queer music, and more! Learn about queer history, documentaries about the history of HIV/AIDS activism, out and proud celebrities, artists that made movements during the ACT UP protests, trans history and everything relevant to today! Snacks, refreshments, and other services are provided.
Contact Info:  

Ebony Ali  [email protected]