S.P.L.A.T Manager

Ebony Ali

Ebony Ali (aka Icon Ebony-Fierce) is a Philadelphia based performance artist that has one mission: to change people’s perception of artistic expression one subculture at a time. Ebony has a background in theatre, dance, and spoken word performance. Ebony have been community organizing, curating events all throughout Philadelphia since 2012. Ebony also specializes in burlesque, performance art, and drag. Their content includes body positivity, political/social issues, gender equality, etc. They are also a co curator for festivals like Phreak N Queer, Hot Bits Film Festival, Snatcherella 3000 and more things always centering QTPOC people with an alternative point of view. Ebony is currently a board member of the William Way Community Center.

Contact info:  

Ebony Ali  ebony@galaeiqtbipoc.org