Diamante “Dimo” Ortiz

Diamante "Dimo" Ortiz

Diamante “Dimo” Ortiz (She/They) comes from the Los Sures area of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and now is based in Philadelphia [both Lënapehòkink land what was once known as Turtle Island]. Throughout her childhood, she has witnessed how creative + organizing energy within Black, Brown Femme, and Queer spaces alchemizes healing, humanity, and hope. This has inspired them to carry this over into writing poetry, and collaborating with other creatives throughout their writing journey, including hosting their first open mic earlier this year called Open Treasures @truncartisans in Philly Dimo’s writing focuses on navigating the complexities of grief, unpacking gender fluidity in nature, and their Afro-Boricua heritage.

They continue to write and be constantly learning through community organizing work in NY as a senior reporter and editor for Protest NYC, and storytelling with The Moth.

Dimo’s first story told on the Moth has been featured in NPR twice and in All Things Hair as a Hair Creator who challenges Beauty Industry norms.