Deputy Director

Jai Thompson

Jarrett “Jai” Thompson (They/Them) has been a fixture in the LGBTQIA2+ community in Philadelphia, PA for over 15 years. Jarrett, affectionately known as “Jai” began their activism and advocacy as a youth, leading Queer youth initiatives through Y.O.A.C.A.P, COLOURS and The Attic Youth Center. A Fall 2016 inductee; Jarrett joined KAPPA PSI KAPPA Fraternity INC. which is a black and queer affirming community service organization to continue creating the change in and out of the QTBIPOC community. The association with their fraternity provides them with access to larger populations for services and community-based support nationwide.

A person of many interests, Jai has built bonds within the LGBTQIA2+/BIPOC communities and Philadelphia theater communities participating in large scale events that raised radical awareness for local nonprofits, theater companies and educational institutions throughout Pennsylvania for social and radical justice efforts. Jai has worked to advocate for equity and social change in the arts by teaming up with local community theaters and nonprofits organizations as a liaison for diversity and inclusion, HIV Education, Gender Equity and Social and Radical Justice trainings. In 2019 Jai participated in the office of LGBTQ Affairs first Leadership pipeline under the leadership of Amber Hikes (former Executive Director of The Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs). As a result of the leadership pipeline Jai was fortunate to serve on a number of local community-based organizations boards as a board member until the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Quote: “In order to be the change I would like to see; it is pertinent for me to sit in and understand the cycle of what once was in order to specifically identify where I am going next.”