Nelson’s Saturday Chat n Chew

 is a group that allows for us to facilitate and strengthen priority population engagement by providing access to in office services to the community. Once community members are in building we are able to conduct outreach to priority populations. Where we serve an average of 5 individuals Every Saturday. Allowing us to 

  • Conduct activities that will address social determinants of health and

address barriers to engagement with HIV prevention services (e.g.,

provide referrals to address food insecurity, homelessness, mental health issues, etc.

  • Distribute condoms and promote condom use.
  • Offer an affirming, culturally-responsive space to the specified

population(s) cited above who seek HIV prevention and treatment


  • Promote rights-based education around healthcare access.
  • Conduct activities that reduce HIV stigma.
  • Link out-of-care and newly diagnosed individuals that are receiving

services to affirming and culturally responsive HIV medical services within

96 hours.

  • Refer individuals needing HIV testing to gender-affirming, culturally

responsive testing services.

  • Refer HIV negative individuals to gender-affirming and culturally

responsive PrEP services when appropriate.

  • Conduct outreach to priority populations.

August 24, 2024
118 Fontain Street