Featured Film Friday

Galaei Operations Manager Nelson Torres-Gomez will be hosting “Featured Film Friday” every Friday from 6:30PM to 9:00PM. We utilize this time to bring individuals together in a LGBTQ affirming space where through our three different programmatic initiatives to raise awareness of HIV, destigmatization, PrEP & PEP Referrals, Provide Condom distribution, 1:1 counseling, access to Oraquick which is our FREE At-Home HIV test while watching films that center HIV/AIDS, including those that depict the early years of the epidemic, the impact on communities, and the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS.


  • Offer an affirming, culturally-responsive space to the specified

population(s) cited above who seek HIV prevention and treatment


  • Promote rights-based education around healthcare access.
  • Conduct activities that reduce HIV stigma.
  • Link out-of-care and newly diagnosed individuals that are receiving

services to affirming and culturally responsive HIV medical services within

96 hours.

  • Refer individuals needing HIV testing to gender-affirming, culturally

responsive testing services.

  • Refer HIV negative individuals to gender-affirming and culturally

responsive PrEP services when appropriate.

  • Conduct outreach to priority populations.

July 5, 2024
118 Fontain Street